La Rêveuse, Pinot Noir 2016


Size: 750 ML
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Country: USA
Region: Willamette Valley, Oregon
Vintage: 2016



La Rêveuse bottles the vision and dream of Wheeling Forward.  The name, an homage to co-founder of Wheeling Forward Yannick Benjamin’s French heritage, means “the dreamer.”  Wheeling Forward is a non-profit that provides support, emotionally and financially, to the disability community. We like to think of ourselves as a hospitality driven non-profit, and we believe there is no such thing as “the impossible.”

Wheeling Forward empowers recently disabled people to access a strong network of support and obtain the services and resources they need to live a fulfilling life. We work hard to address the unique needs of each person in our community. As people adapt to life with a long-term disability, Wheeling Forward helps them navigate the health and social service systems on the way to an active life in the community.

Co-founders Alex Elegudin and Sommelier Yannick Benjamin have bottled this private label to further their mission of “turning wine into hope.”

A perfect balance of energy and richness. La Rêveuse contains a gorgeous aroma of pomegranate, cherry, and dried leaves, with a savory, silky, and lovely finish.

We are changing lives with every bottle purchased.

Art work: Brandon Lee Wise