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Wine on Wheels is a growing community of wine aficionados and sommeliers harnessing their love of great wines to benefit charity. We bring people together from across the hospitality industry to pour wines, socialize, and raise funds to empower people with disabilities to reach their potential.

Our Story

Yannick Benjamin is a distinguished sommelier who co-founded the nonprofit Wheeling Forward with Alex Elegudin. Yannick and Alex met in rehab after sustaining spinal cord injuries in the same month. They moved on to lead active lives and want to ensure that other people with disabilities have the support and resources to do the same. Wine on Wheels is the community that has rallied around Wheeling Forward by turning wine into hope.

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100% of all proceeds from Wine on Wheels events benefit Wheeling Forward.

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Wine on Wheels sommeliers are volunteers and our wines are all donated by friends from across the hospitality industry. Over the last 4 years, Wine on Wheels has raised $500k to make Wheeling Forward a well respected force for change in the disability community.

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