To our dear friends new and old

What can we say? Wine on Wheels is one of the most unique communities in the world.

We’ve gathered New York City’s finest sommeliers and wine aficionados, our friends and family, and our beloved Wheeling Forward community to create events that are elegant and fun without being pretentious. All of the proceeds from our events benefit charity and the vibe is just awesome.

Over the last 4 years, our community has raised $500k (and counting) to support programs that give young people with disabilities the motivation and resources to pursue their ambitions. Wheeling Forward, our beneficiary nonprofit, runs a sports center 6 days a week offering kickboxing, yoga, cycling, and social events in New York. The money that we raise supports adaptive sporting events such as surfing, sky diving, water skiing, and swimming year round.

Wheeling Forward is not only breaking the mold for what people with disabilities can do - we’re also leading the field by training therapists, advocating for accessible housing and transportation, and making sure that everyone who wants an education, a job, and a social life has what takes to get out and get going!

The partnership of two communities who love life and want to live it to the fullest is one of the most inspiring things that we’ve ever been a part of.

We invite you to give generously and live lives filled with meaning, beauty, and purpose. You can always reach out to us about volunteering or come by to see Wheeling Forward in action!

Without you - none of this would be possible.


Yannick and Alex